Playing in the dirt at Willowbank MX

If it seems that I've been doing a lot more in the motorsports world lately, you'd be correct! I've been finding myself more and more involved in this genre. Not only am I involved in it personally, but I find that people appreciate what I do best and that's capturing awesome pics of them doing what they do best. It's an expression of myself as well as an expression of them.
I'd only just finished with the #asbk at Morgan Park Raceway, when I find myself out at the Willowbank MX Track playing in the dirt with these guys. 
I remember when I lived out here in this area a few years ago, it was all just cattle it's been transformed into a dirt playground for those with knobby wheels and adrenaline.
And it wasn't just the big kids out here, some very brave little kids were out honing their skills as well!
It's such a great way to get families out doing things together with their kids.
These types of sports are great for teaching kids coordination, encouraging friendly competition and healthy social skills.
Better than sitting in front of the tellie!
It was great to see the gals out here having a go as well. Motorsports is certainly not a 'boys only' club. <3
So young, yet flying so high already!

Perched in the dirt on my elbows and knees to get these shots was fun and well worth it.
Such a great way to spend a day out in the fresh air and to clean my camera gear! :D
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Australian Superbikes #asbk Round 4 Morgan Park Raceway

Well it's not everyday that you score a Media Pass and get your backside trackside to shoot some of the fastest motorbikes in the world! This three day event was all about the Australian Superbike races; the fourth round of the Championship series at Morgan Park Raceway in Warwick, Queensland July 5-7.

I must admit, this is quite different from weddings and babies but it is just as challenging and just as rewarding. I'm never one to stick strictly to any particular type of photography and I am always learning and always exploring new opportunities so to be able to be part of this exhilarating sport is an absolute honour.

There is nothing quite like feeling the roar deep in your stomach as these speed demons pass within inches of us. I felt blessed to be able to find my favourite spots to capture all the action from various vantage points. Sometimes I was just behind a waist-height concrete barrier with a clear view of a high speed corner, other times I was perched atop a tyre wall at the end of a straight where I could catch the riders as they tipped into the turns and punch back out again with velocity.

The first day, Friday, was all about bike set-up and riders getting comfortable with how their bikes went on track. The following day had the riders qualifying for their positions on the starting grid and the final races for the various classes were on the Sunday. This was when the real action took place with live televised coverage to the various sports and news channels. The whole track and surrounds were a hive of activity and it was an awesome experience to be part of it all, complete with reporters and TV cameras.

The weather was cold, cloudy and grizzly but it didn't stop these guys from shining bright on the track.
There were some high speed spills along with the thrills.
I must admit, I have a girl crush on Avalon Biddle,  New Zealand Female racer ;)
She's one fast chick! If I could go even HALF as fast as her, I'd be one happy gal <3
Team discussions in the Scrutineer's Cage.
In the land of wrenches and tyre warmers.
Riders getting ready and focused on their task ahead.
Time to get those tyre warmers off and get the bike ready for the rider to exit the pits for the warm-up lap. The team will meet him at his position on the starting grid. 
Time to get to the grid while the riders are out on their warm-up lap...getting ready for the start.

Because these big events have what's called a "Media Start", the team will need to bring the tyre warmers and the power generator so that they can keep those tyres warm and sticky while the Media Team goes around interviewing the riders prior to the official start of the race.
Waiting for the Race Marshall to give the signal for the team members to remove the tyre warmers and exit the track.
TV cameras and reporters flooded the grid on the Sunday as the championship wins were up for grabs.
Powering out of turn 2.
The lean angle on some of these bikes was just amazing as they hit these turns at such high speed!
On the throttle!
Age was no barrier as we saw a huge range of riders across the race fields.
Turn 7 was another one of my favourite vantage points
It takes some effort to track these guys with the camera as they exceed 200+ Kms per hour.
More spills as racers push the limits.
No race is complete without a bit of controversy!
You can't get closer to the action than this!
It's all about this chequered flag...when it drops, it's all over till the next round.
Some great moments on and off the track.
One of my favourite shots of the weekend was witnessing the friendship and comradery.
Val Barker - Data Technician and Stewart Gunter aka. The Bike Whisperer - suspension specialist and mechanic Kawasaki Australia Team BC Performance.
Love these guys!

See you at Winton Motor Raceway, VIC 6-8 September 2019 for Round 5 of the ASBK Championship!

The "imperfect" shot

We always strive to get those fabulous wedding images, those perfectly composed memories captured in crisp, clear detail...but what about those very few shots that are NOT so perfect? I find myself always tempted to hit the 'delete' button but then on a few occasions something stops me.

I'd been trained very early on to settle for nothing less than a great shot, taken with the best possible settings, 'rule of thirds', good histogram', adequate shutter speed, technically correct, yadda yadda...but occasionally pics happen that I've just snapped in a hurry, without changing settings or giving proper time and consideration because, well frankly, stuff happens quick! Although I keep myself ready for the action, there are times where I have been literally focusing on one subject then catch something else at a glance. I shoot first & ask questions later...Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.

It wasn't until I started to have a fresh look at the work from some of the big names in the industry that I realised I'm not the only one. I saw many pics from some of the well-renowned 'big kids' on the block that I wouldn't consider correct images at all but they had something that made you feel a certain way when you viewed them. They still told the story.

I even went back and looked at my early work, and I mean EARLY work when I shot with 35mm film. When I first started out, film was expensive and even dearer to have processed if one didn't have their own dark room. We also didn't have the luxury of a preview screen so it was sometimes a surprise to find how shots had come out once developed. Then I adopted digital (after kicking & screaming and swearing I never would lol) and I got into the habit, albeit a lazy one, of deleting images I didn't like and re-shooting after making minor adjustments..ahhhh, the beauty of digital!

So after going back through stacks of old image files, I found that I was taken by those sometimes not so correct ones...the ones that managed to NOT get ditched. For some reason I loved those 'imperfect' images that I was so ready to banish to the digital wasteland but for some reason didn't. I realised that I was maybe missing the point of event photography sometimes by being overly critical.

You see, in those brief seconds as you cast your eye across the room, you take in your entire surroundings. Although I am pretty quick at changing camera settings, often operating on auto "jet pilot", I may still have been taking a photo of something else with different lighting etc or I'll already be pushing the limits of the camera when I decide to randomly click again but at something entirely new. This is when I catch a glimpse into the inner workings of the venue's kitchen or catch some shenanigans! lol

These pics are not the glamorous, well composed shots but the brief 'catch-ems' that I've learned to keep an eye out for...eyes constantly scanning the room in between the planned shots.

It might even just be as simple as the expression on someones face that grabs me and I happened to catch it from across the way.

These guys were totally up to no good as I sprung them peaking into a very suspicious bag when they thought no one was looking. It was a devious gift for the groom on his wedding night. Your secret is safe with me, boys! ;)

She was so focused on getting a good shot of the cake topper that she had no idea I had her at full 200mm zoom from across the room. Not the best lighting and a bit noisy from the high ISO. Funny how we can actually add grain to images now to help them look more aged and authentic.

The slight blur, the noise from high ISO, the harshly lit and the angry histogram...they can't all be fixed in Photoshop, and I will always strive to capture correctly in camera first and foremost.

But rather than just ditch it, I try now to do what I can to save that one image that has that something that grabs me...often crop/recompose, process these images in black & white so as to remove anything that will detract from the subject even awkward colours and unflattering hues. Those are the things you just can't control sometimes but you can make them look less obvious and distracting.

I am slowly learning to embrace the not-so-perfect shots that still capture that little 'something'. It's sometimes those random acts of unplanned clicking that tell the full story and add to the overall mood and fascination of one's special day.

MotoStars track day at Sandy Creek

It was a dreary sort of Sunday morning and the roads were still wet from rain the night before so The Bike Whisperer (Stewart Gunter) and I decided to "down tools" & grab the cameras for a bit of bike action at the MotoStars track day at Warwick Kart Track, Sandy Creek. Who knew that the motorbike suspension specialist and rider coach is also a crack shot with a Canon?!

It's always fun to get out there and ride the track yourself but I do get a kick out of catching the riders coming into the turns, totally focused and then powering out of the corner again.

This track at Sandy Creek Road, Allan QLD is actually the Warwick Kart Track where they often have kart races but because it's a small track with lots of tight turns, it lends itself beautifully to the smaller sized motorbikes.

We met Nate, AKA Green Kid Racing...after a few tweaks to his bike we saw him out there picking up pace and getting his speed up around the track. Well done GKR!

I loved catching this guy as he hooks through the corners...makes for awesome shots!

More great pics of people doing what they love!

I also love capturing those candid shots that give a certain feel to the event. These shots tell a story that words just can't tell. For all those riders and families that wish to purchase any of the pics taken on the day, they can all be found on my Client Galleries page here:

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Playing in the dirt at Willowbank MX

If it seems that I've been doing a lot more in the motorsports world lately, you'd be correct! I've been finding myself more...