As I go through all my previous images and sort through the countless files on my old hard drives, I find myself walking down memory lane...revisiting those feelings of inspiration I had when on a particular shoot. One in particular came to mind as I rediscovered a file of images I created with a very distinct theme..."Tea Party".

I had collected over a period of time, some pretty vintage stuff which included a tea set, some beautiful hand made "mini' hats, a wrought iron table & chairs set and some wonderful glam accessories. I had three of the best models in town that were down for some cupcakes and 'dress-up'. Their mums offered up the front yard 'studio' as well as the tea & mini cupcakes while we had some fun on a very sunny morning in Rocksberg.

I have always loved the retro look in image processing...something I must admit I'll never grow out of. It gives me the most joy and I love to see a typical, modern photo taken with modern equipment come to life and take on a veil of history.

This stuff is a bit theatrical and artistic... it's what makes me tick...


Back in the saddle...

Well, it's been a long journey that seems to have brought me back to my life long passion - photography.

As many of my friends, family and valued clients would know, I once started my little photography business back in 2010 and was AIPP Accredited and the whole shabang. I specialised in people, mainly, and their momentous life events.

As life directions change some times, I found myself taking a break from the business. I always remained active behind the lens, of course, I just focused on my private moments and adventures.

I traveled and took up motorbike riding and even lived on my boat for a change of scenery and to regather myself.

My thirst for artistic expression and the love of capturing special moments never faded so when the opportunity arose to rekindle what was always smoldering, I checked, just out of hope and curiosity, if my old web domain and business name were still available. My heart pounded a bit and my mind started to tick over in the fervent manor that it does when something excites & challenges me.

I secured my old web domain and proceeded to put plans into place to get this business back up & running...and running it is!

I am coming back into this project with gusto and a new, fresh approach. My eye is more critical now and I have even more new ideas and experiences to share which flows through my work.

Many may recognize some familiar photos as I reboot my galleries. For those unfamiliar with my work, may these images offer new insight into my photographic style. I'm excited to have the opportunity to once again expand on my portfolio and get back to doing what I do best!

So please check out my new website and stay tuned as I develop, once again, Images Everything Photography. 💛

These are the moments I've missed!

...and moments like this.

I've missed the drama...

...and I've missed the cute
...and of course, I've missed the artistry.

 Much more to come!

New opportunities

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