As I go through all my previous images and sort through the countless files on my old hard drives, I find myself walking down memory lane...revisiting those feelings of inspiration I had when on a particular shoot. One in particular came to mind as I rediscovered a file of images I created with a very distinct theme..."Tea Party".

I had collected over a period of time, some pretty vintage stuff which included a tea set, some beautiful hand made "mini' hats, a wrought iron table & chairs set and some wonderful glam accessories. I had three of the best models in town that were down for some cupcakes and 'dress-up'. Their mums offered up the front yard 'studio' as well as the tea & mini cupcakes while we had some fun on a very sunny morning in Rocksberg.

I have always loved the retro look in image processing...something I must admit I'll never grow out of. It gives me the most joy and I love to see a typical, modern photo taken with modern equipment come to life and take on a veil of history.

This stuff is a bit theatrical and artistic... it's what makes me tick...


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