Round 2 of the Southern Downs Road Racing Championship at MORGAN PARK RACEWAY

In between weddings, families & babies I often get out to local events...especially ones that are right up my ally, like motorbikes! Nothing beats the thrill of the racetrack but I often get jealous if I'm not out there myself on my own bike! Because, you see, I only have a few points left on my license so the track is where it's at if I wanna go fast without braking the law. lol 

It was a long day making my way through the pits and trekking across the paddocks to get various shots but I had a great weekend out at Morgan Park Raceway for Round 2 of the Southern Downs Road Racing Championship. There were plenty of thrills (and a few spills) and I was fortunate enough to get an action shot of one rider that had come off in turn two....he was OK though so we can all relax! My first reaction was to shoot first and ask questions later...which is my philosophy for most photographic assignments, so when he got up and walked it off I was relieved but even more excited that I caught a shot of his beleaguered bike in mid air, gravel spray and all.

I was even more excited to just be out and taking pics of things that make people happy...things that make people passionate about their interests...seeing the excitement, the stresses, the pride and the confidence. These are the things that makes us who we are and I am forever exploring myself and in those in front of my camera. To be able to capture these instances, these brief moments, is what has always driven me and I couldn't think of a better job!

Here are some of my favourites from the weekend, enjoy!

Lachlan Epis on the Response RE ZX10r. You can see the determination in his eyes...AND he's an all around cool guy!

Here's Lachie again but with Mitchell Paynter hot on his tail. Lachie put the Response RE ZX10r on pole then proceeded to win 3 of the four Formula 1 races over the weekend.
Kevin Pelgrave on the Rina Racing/ The Bike Whisperer GSXr 600 gained some valuable points and was all over it in a stacked field in his very first wet race, well done, Kev!
Kev coming down the straight, full steam ahead!


I was told by a fellow events photographer on the day that if you clap and wave at the racers on the straight just past turn 7 once the chequered flag has dropped, they'll pop wheelies...I was not disappointed.

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In the pits with Greg Epis of Respnse RE and Stewart Gunter of The Bike Whisperer racing teams
Lachlan Epis #83 ready to hit the track
Lachlan Epis #83 on pole & on point for his final race and win for the day.

Here's to another successful race meeting and a stack of awesome bike pics!
You can see more images here:  <3

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