Playing in the dirt at Willowbank MX

If it seems that I've been doing a lot more in the motorsports world lately, you'd be correct! I've been finding myself more and more involved in this genre. Not only am I involved in it personally, but I find that people appreciate what I do best and that's capturing awesome pics of them doing what they do best. It's an expression of myself as well as an expression of them.
I'd only just finished with the #asbk at Morgan Park Raceway, when I find myself out at the Willowbank MX Track playing in the dirt with these guys. 
I remember when I lived out here in this area a few years ago, it was all just cattle it's been transformed into a dirt playground for those with knobby wheels and adrenaline.
And it wasn't just the big kids out here, some very brave little kids were out honing their skills as well!
It's such a great way to get families out doing things together with their kids.
These types of sports are great for teaching kids coordination, encouraging friendly competition and healthy social skills.
Better than sitting in front of the tellie!
It was great to see the gals out here having a go as well. Motorsports is certainly not a 'boys only' club. <3
So young, yet flying so high already!

Perched in the dirt on my elbows and knees to get these shots was fun and well worth it.
Such a great way to spend a day out in the fresh air and to clean my camera gear! :D
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