New opportunities

Wet track at Phillip Island for the asbk round 6
A wise person once told me to grab an opportunity when it arises...or maybe I heard that on the net somewhere...whatever the case, I find myself changing gears once again and grabbing hold of new opportunities. You see, many years ago when I was first starting out, I spent a lot of time shooting events.

Those events were mainly ag shows, horse breed classes, dressage and camp drafting. I spent many a day out in the sun & dust but I loved it. Much of my life was spent working and competing with horses so it was natural for me. I knew how they moved and what angles looked the awkward shots on the wrong lead or mid-way through a rider's post. I even did a fair bit of marketing design for breeders, trainers and showies. I think the only real reason I moved away from that work is because I literally moved away.

Back in the day: Jodie Ward with DMB Platinum owned by Mel & Tony Vonhof
Since taking up motorbike riding myself and having done some track days, I find myself immersed in the motorcycle racing scene...of course it seems only natural to add motorbike events to my offering as a professional photographer...helps even MORE when your partner is The Bike Whisperer! lol

I have this year enjoyed the wonderful opportunity of shooting some of Australia's (and the world's) best motorbike racers on Australia's premier race tracks.

When your backside is trackside!
Phillip Island, The Bend, Wakefield and of course our home track, Morgan Park have given me some great shots during the asbk (Australian Superbike) races and also opened the door for more regular work in the world of motorsport events.

Sloan Frost and Bryan Staring battling it out at Phillip Island asbk

Bryan Staring at Morgan Park asbk

#1 Australian Superbike Champion 2019 - Mike Jones (aka Mad Mike) at Morgan Park asbk.

Lachlan Epis at Phillip Island asbk round 6

On the grid with Sloan Frost & Lachlan Epis at Phillip Island asbk round 6...can't get closer to the action than this!

My very own Stewart Gunter (aka The Bike Whisperer) on the grid with Lachy - Phillip Island

Sloan Frost - multiple NZ Superbike Champion

Shenanigans in pit lane...uhmm, I think the brakes work!  

One of the most picturesque tracks we have here in Australia - Phillip Island

So to cut a long story short, I will be delving even more into the motorsport action and I'm honoured to be selected as the official photographer for the Motorcycle Sportsmen of QLD for their 2020 calendar of events.

But don't worry! Since I am now even more full time with my photography business, there's PLENTY of time to spread my love with brides, babies and fams.

More than ever, I am looking forward to filling my beautiful photography studio with fun & giggles and taking beautiful pics!

New backdrops are coming and I can't wait! Such a beautiful space to work when I'm not out on location somewhere.

Stay tuned as we gear up for some glamorous Student Formal shoots!

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New opportunities

Wet track at Phillip Island for the asbk round 6 A wise person once told me to grab an opportunity when it arises...or maybe I h...